Crafting Marble Masterpieces Since 1982

Marmo Concepts and its predecessors have been in the marble furniture business in Italy since 1982. Three generations of experience in the industry have allowed us to experiment with methods and styles, as well as perfect our craft over time. Our competitive advantage is based not only on our unrivaled expertise but also stems from our artisanal influence; our skilled craftsmen fuse superior quality materials with timeless designs to produce our exclusive range of luxury home furniture.

Pure and Authentic Italian Marble

All of our products feature genuine Italian Carrara marble that has been referred to as the “world’s finest” — offering the darkest shades of black and striking pure white graining patterns. In the marble market, often you’ll come across terms such as faux marble, marble veneer, manufactured marble, and a whole host of related terminology. Most businesses acquire raw materials of varying qualities and batches to then ship them to external manufacturing facilities, some of which are located thousands of miles away in Asia. Unlike the vast majority of marble products being falsely marketed as Italian, we guarantee that ours is 100% authentic and sustainably mined from our own Carrara quarries in the Apuan Alps. 

From Our Quarry to Your Home

Not only do we mine Carrara marble from our own quarries and retain control over the entire manufacturing process, we also carry out strict quality checks during each step of the process. While marble has incredible natural strength, we reinforce this by vacuum processing each slab to ensure that its existing cracks and pores never expand. Each handcrafted piece is polished with a 32-head polishing motor to guarantee long-lasting color and shine, even after prolonged use (conditions apply — see do’s and don’ts). The flawless final touches? Our artisans hand-polish the marble edges to create a softened, beveled appearance.

We also combine our marble slabs with titanium-coated stainless steel frames, incorporating metal sheets that are triple the industry-standard thickness to ensure safety, stability, and longevity. Available in various finishes, our silver frames feature a hand-polished stainless finish and our black and gold frames have a powder-coated finish.

Honest Prices

Most retailers procure furniture in wholesale quantities and re-sell at extortionate prices. Be assured knowing that, when you shop with us, there are no middlemen, wholesalers, distributors, or retailers involved. This means no unnecessary markups — just honest, fair prices. With Marmo Concepts, you don't buy just a piece of furniture, you acquire an elegant masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come.