We want you to enjoy your Marmo Concepts furniture for a long time. Since marble is a natural material, appropriate care will increase the longevity of your new furniture. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Put coasters under all drinks
  • Use placemats or pads under plates or hot dishes
  • Blot up spills immediately (even water)
  • Buff-dry surfaces using a cotton cloth
  • Clean surfaces with warm water or a marble cleaner
  • Apply a marble sealant (every two years or so)

Do Not

  • Spill hard water or any acidic juices
  • Cut food directly on a marble table top
  • Use the surface as a worktop or for home repair jobs
  • Use acidic cleaners (vinegar, lemon sprays etc.)
  • Apply abrasive cleaners, powders or creams
  • Place heavy items on the furniture
  • Sit or stand on the marble top
  • Apply heavy pressure in any way