We are purveyors of the world’s finest Carrara marble furniture crafted from the finest quality, sustainably sourced materials since 1982. Furniture is art and every piece we make has a story. So it’s fitting that we strive every day to connect you with quality pieces with our three generations of furniture making experience.

We are fundamentally different from others. We mine Carrara marble from our quarries in Italy and retain control over the entire manufacturing process. Our artisans put their heart and soul into each piece while blending a time honored tradition with innovative technology. This process culminates in receiving a meticulously crafted piece at your doorstep. Hence our motto “From Quarry to Home”. We don’t have middle men - only customers. And no retail stores mean you can own modern, minimalist and authentic marble furniture at honest prices. Learn more about how we differentiate ourselves.

In addition to our available collection, we aspire to captivate your imagination with our customizable pieces, which can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Since we control all aspects of manufacturing without depending on third parties, we can craft virtually any piece that you desire - at an impossibly attractive price point. The possibilities are truly endless! Create your custom piece today.