At Marmo Concepts, we really excel at captivating the imagination of our customers with our customizable pieces. We can truly tailor each piece to suit your individual needs. Since we control all aspects of manufacturing, we can craft virtually any piece that you desire - at an impossibly attractive price point. We have crafted thousands of them to date - coffee tables, marble chandeliers, one of a kind sculptures, ceiling high book shelves, 30-person dining tables, beautiful marble benches for grand entry ways. The possibilities are truly endless!

Here's the process: Use the form below to contact us. Describe your vision for your custom marble furniture in as much detail as possible. A drawing (even a hand drawn rough sketch) or a photo with comments about what you'd like changed is very helpful. Once we receive your inquiry, we'll work on creating a personalized estimate and send it to you for feedback. It may take a few design iterations to arrive at a piece that you are truly in love with. Once you are satisfied with your custom piece, we will invoice you for 50% of the price. Upon payment, we will start crafting your piece. For more complex pieces, you can expect us to reach out with questions and/or progress updates. When your piece is ready, you will make the remaining payment before it's shipped to you.

Please note that custom pieces cannot be exchanged or returned. We look forward to bringing your dream marble furniture to reality!